I’m trying something a little different today. It took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t open a free account with YouTube for about 3 weeks but now that it’s all straightened out I thought I’d upload a video where I walk you through some of the basic ways you could use jQuery to add AJAX functionality to your site.

The video is short because my understanding of YouTube is that I have to limit the file to 10 minutes. Not everything I’ve said in the tutorial is 100% correct. There are minor mistakes such as the part where I call cgi a “server side script” when it would be more accurate to say “server side language”.

Cut me some slack… woodya?

Is It AJAX, or AHAH, or AXAH?

What you’re going to see is really more AHAH than true AJAX.

The difference? The X in AJAX is for XML. More often than not you can grab chunks of text or javascript from a separate file without going through the hassle of messing around with XML. Here’s a better description of AJAX vs. AHAH.

As for AXAH… I’ll leave that to Cody Lindley to explain. His article is a good read, you should check it out if you want some more background on the basic concepts of workable AJAX.

The Tutorial

Here’s the page on the jQuery site where I run through the examples. The link opens in a new browser window.

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