15 Days Of jQuery

Examples and tutorials to help you learn JQuery

Quick and Dirty AJAX

I’m trying something a little different today. It took me a while to figure out why I couldn’t open a free account with YouTube for about 3 weeks but now that it’s all straightened out I thought I’d upload a video where I walk you through some of the basic ways you could use jQuery [...]

Yesterday at 5:15 PM, I was jones-ing for my quick email fix after being away from the computer for almost 48 hours so I fired up Thunderbird and instantly grabbed a few RSS feeds I subscribe to. (On the weekends I’m swamped with home renovation projects and all my free time is spent with friends [...]

Style Sheet Switcheroo

The first time I saw a style sheet switcher I was either reading A List Apart or Simple Bits, both excellent sites you should visit if you are serious about design. Since then, I’ve seen many different methods for allowing a visitor to switch a stylesheet with a click of a mouse. But recently I [...]

Here’s a subject that’s close to my heart: secure contact forms. As I mentioned in a previous tutorial, one common use of contact forms is to help visitors communicate with you without exposing your email address to the email harvesting software used by spammers. But when it comes to spam, hardly anything’s worse than an [...]

The Memorial Day weekend is coming to a close – I’ve been away from the computer for almost 48 hours (gasp!) and I want to get another jQuery tutorial up and online quickly. I’m dying to do the write up for “Edit In Place the Jquery Way” and “Multiple File Upload Magic” but the code [...]

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