15 Days Of jQuery

Examples and tutorials to help you learn JQuery

jQuery Tooltips

Cody Lindley, author of Thickbox, recently released jTip – The jQuery Tooltip. I really like some of the extra bells and whistles that these tooltips provide. I’m sure that there are those among you that think there’s no need for yet another tooltip – but I can see some exciting applications for Cody’s idea in [...]

jQuery Tabs

A fellow named Klaus has created a nifty little plugin that creates accessible unobtrusive javascript tabs using jQuery. With the correct (x)HTML and CSS you can create tabs as easily as $.tabs(“container”); // first tab on by default If you want to have the second tab “on” by default: $.tabs(“container”, 2); // second tab on [...]

jQuery Lightbox

Cody Lindley’s first rendition of “Thickbox” was what got me interested in jQuery. He’s since done an update on Thickbox to fix some cross browser compatibility issues. A few things to notice $(document).ready kicks off the TB_init() function, which in turn attaches an onClick event to all links with the class name of “thickbox”. function [...]

Warning – the demos are for this tutorial went a little crazy when I recently made a change to the jquery file. I will be working to bring the demos for this tutorial back online. Until then, don’t view the tutorials if you are using IE. Many months ago, when trying to catch up to [...]

I originally saw a version of this concept on Quirksmode and then a more Web 2.0-ish version on the 24 Ways site. I’m going to show you two ways that you could use jQuery to accomplish the same effect, or better. The Goal An AJAX (or AHAH) proof-of-concept page that allows the visitor to edit [...]

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