Just announced today, version 1.0.4 of jQuery was released. I’ll be updating my installation of jQuery on the 15 Days of jQuery blog and also releasing new tutorials in the coming days and weeks.

John Resig and company squashed a whole bunch of bugs.

They also added some innovative features I’ll have to investigate further, and then I’ll whip up some new tutorials. (Yes, it’s been a while since I posted. I do these in spurts, and I feel one comin’ on.)

As far as specifics on features, some of the cooler ones look like extensions to the $.ajax()

A few examples straight off of John Resig‘s blog:

Example: Add extra headers to an Ajax request using beforeSend

  type: "POST",
  url: "/files/add/",
  beforeSend: function(xhr) {
    xhr.setRequestHeader( "Content-type", "text/plain" );
  data: "This is the contents of my text file."

Example: Perform a synchronous Ajax request.

// Get the HTML of a web page and save it
// to a variable (the browser will freeze until the
// entire request is completed).
var html = $.ajax({
  type: "GET",
  url: "test.html",
  async: false

// Add the HTML into the page
$("#list").html( html );

Example: Sending a JavaScript object using processData.

// The data to send to the server
var params = {
  name: "John",
  city: "Boston"

  type: "POST",
  url: "/user/add/",
  processData: params

Example: Aborting an Ajax request after a specific delay in time.

// Perform a simple Ajax request
var req = $.ajax({
  type: "GET",
  url: "/user/list/",
  success: function(data) {
    // Do something with the data...
    // Then remove the request.
    req = null;

// Wait for 5 seconds
  // If the request is still running, abort it.
  if ( req ) req.abort();
}, 5000);

Another nice addition is a way to make pageX and pageY variables available in all browsers.

Example: Have a tooltip follow a user’s mouse around the page.

    top: e.pageY + "px",
    left: e.pageX + "px"

I’ll have to take a closer look at these new features, play around a bit, and post my findings in some new tutorials. I got a comment today about the old AJAX tutorial I did a while back being a bit outdated with the video cast I did, and some of the new $.ajax() calls in jQuery, so I think it’s time to revisit jQuery’s implementation of AJAX and crank out a few new tutorials.

Stay tuned.