Through my subscription to John Resig’s RSS feed (he created jQuery) I have noticed a flurry of activity over the past several weeks.

I’ve been burdened with a ton of projects I’ve been putting finishing touches on and so I haven’t had time until now to post about all the new plugins and great contributions to jQuery.

First, you shoud make yourself familiar with jQuery’s development page. This is where John is linking to the Best of the Best jQuery plugins.

Some of My Favorites

Farbtastic color picker – awesome. It’s tough to choose between this one and one I’ve seen on Yahoo’s site for use with their YUI.

Table sorting plugin

Date picker – another addition by Kelvin Luck. Great job.

Suckerfish Menus – and also a very slick “tree” that can be collapsed and expanded

And Great News for jQuery Fans

John Resig has kept us up to date on some great hat tips from third party sites and software developers.

Technorati’s new design uses jQuery…

Soon to be released versions of Drupal will include jQuery in the code…

jQuery’s starting to get popular, it seems.

Amazing Demos

Dustin Diaz did a great Tetris rendition using YUI library. Recently someone came out with one for jQuery.

jQuery Tetris

And how about a 3D universe… prepare to be amazed.

Spinning 3D Universe with jQuery

Okay… back to work for me. ;)