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jQuery Tutorial Ideas Wanted

Over on John Resig’s blog he’s asking people to submit ideas about different types of tutorials they want to see for jQuery. I have a two part tutorial about to be released that is going to knock your socks off, but I’d love to know what sort of tutorials you’d like to see at 15 [...]

New Version of jQuery Released

Just announced today, version 1.0.4 of jQuery was released. I’ll be updating my installation of jQuery on the 15 Days of jQuery blog and also releasing new tutorials in the coming days and weeks. John Resig and company squashed a whole bunch of bugs. They also added some innovative features I’ll have to investigate further, [...]

Through my subscription to John Resig’s RSS feed (he created jQuery) I have noticed a flurry of activity over the past several weeks. I’ve been burdened with a ton of projects I’ve been putting finishing touches on and so I haven’t had time until now to post about all the new plugins and great contributions [...]

When I first started 15DaysOfjQuery.com I made this comment on one of the ‘About‘ pages: If you need super fancy effects for animation, drag and drop, and super smooth animation then you’ll probably want to use Prototype and one of the many great library created to enhance the effects. I left my erroneous remark up [...]

Javascript Tooltips on Steroids

Note: This is an update to my original post, which can be seen here: jQuery Tooltips Cody Lindley, author of Thickbox, recently released jTip – The jQuery Tooltip. I really like some of the extra bells and whistles that these tooltips provide. I’m sure that there are those among you that think there’s no need [...]

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