15 Days Of jQuery

Examples and tutorials to help you learn JQuery

The launch of the CD-ROM: “How to Create AJAX Web Applications (using jQuery)” was a hit and I want to thank everyone that ordered. You got a nice $10 price break, and shipping paid for by me. The CD-ROM is just $39 and I’m still paying the shipping costs. And you get instant access to [...]

Updates to the jQuery Tutorials

After a long hiatus, I’m going to dive back in and create a new round of tutorials for everyone that wants to learn jQuery. My plans include a lot of video demonstrations to help folks see exactly how to take advantage of everything that jQuery has to offer. I’m even toying with the idea of [...]

jQuery 1.1 Makes a Big Splash

I take the day off and hit the golf course only to come back and find out that John Resig and gang have launched jQuery 1.1 with a bunch of new improvements, reworked site design for the official jQuery site, and some really sharp jQuery plugins. Just the Facts John goes into much more detail [...]

On the same day I’m about to announce a fantastic new plugin, John Resig announces the release of jQuery 1.1 and promises huge speed increases: " We’ll be releasing some final numbers soon, but we’re looking at 4x-10x speed improvements – with some selectors seeing a 30x speed bump." I’m going to test my plugin [...]

John Resig, creator of jQuery javascript library, has posted an online video about how to make an accordion style menu using jQuery. Pretty basic stuff… but a good intro to jQuery if you’re new to this.

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