15 Days Of jQuery

Examples and tutorials to help you learn JQuery

About the Author

My name is Jack Born.

I’m a full time entrepreneur, new first time father as of a few months ago, and a web designer to boot… not in order of importance, mind you.

I’m currently tweaking some minor changes suggested by clients of mine for an upcoming CMS that will launch soon.

When I cam across jQuery I really didn’t see the importance of the library at first. I thought “Why do we need another javascript library?”

The answer is yes… jQuery serves a purpose – fills a need that other libraries don’t fill.

For what it accomplishes, it’s very small in size. Think of it as the Swiss Army knife of DOM scripting and AJAX.

It’s not perfect for every job or application, but it’s really handy if you aren’t an advanced javascript coder. Some of the libraries that are popular right now are a little complicated to learn.

You can learn jQuery quickly and put it to use almost immediately. It’s flexible enough to let you tackle a wide variety of complex projects without a lot of effort.


I was inspired by the “24 Ways” site… but for some sick reason felt the need to create most of the tutorials myself.

Alterior Motive

For years I’ve been using my own CMS system for my web design clients. I was frustrated with the existing frameworks for a variety of reasons… many of which you can read about on the CMS Launch website.

I promise you this… I did not wake up one day and decide that I had nothing better to do than to try to create a CMS from scratch when there are hundreds of blog and portal engines available for free.

It really was an act of desperation.

Over the years I kept tweaking it… then came the AJAX phenomenon. I got inspired to remake the admin and afterwards realized I had something that other web designers (and entrepreneurs) might find useful.

Other Products

I also created Ultimate Form Mail for my own use and have been selling it online for over two years. It’s a very secure form processor with all the bells and whistles you could imagine – written in PHP.

Affiliate Programs

I’m putting the finishing touches on an affiliate program for all of my software and services. The commission structure is very generous but I’m also willing to consider a more generous split if you can convince me that you have high influence with a large audience.

Contact me if you are interested in hearing more about the affiliate program.